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    Head of International Development
    Gentle being, cultivated, curious and talkative.

    Vera Nikitina

    Integrated Graphic Designer
    Creative thinker and problem solver, with a proven track record of presenting pitch winning ideas and innovative design solutions."
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    Projects, features, goals, visions and dreams.


    Eva Project
    Become an artist in its full expression.
    "This is my personal realisation."


    An event which will take place in 2021 in Europe: France, Portugal and Germany.
    "This is my personal dream."


    Of One
    Love remains some unknown thing, which for me, holds the secret of who we are and the Creation itself.
    Check out my project Motif Exotikos


    Soul Project
    The brain changes in the course of a lifetime. in healthy development, learning, memory, and recovery from damage.
    We can shift our thoughts and ideas.


    Medicine and the Arts
    Teaching of Arts
    Graphic Design
    Film Making
    Plastic Arts
    Technical Aerial Photography
    Interior Design


    A small tagline
    "As a visionary artist, I am on my way to in Petersburg, Russia, to learn new words for the expression of my soul in the tongue, the Old East Slavic or the Old Russian language.
  • Projects, features, goals, visions and dreams.


    Joy has been working as a strategic communication consultant with UK based Assessment Tomorrow and other organizations in the field of Education and Training.
    He is also associated with innovative projects like MathSpeak Conferences and workshops, promoting a conceptual awareness of mathematics and its deep rooted connection with human consciousness and how mathematical relationships provide a framework, an understanding of which gives us the first set of basic skills required in workplace for socio-economic development of any community.
    He is also working with Quantum Physicists, Consciousness Researchers, Bio-Physicists, Cosmologists, Jazz and Classical Musicians and Spiritual Thinkers on various projects leading to development of new curriculum for training and development. His role is that of a facilitator wherein he uses knowledge and information in conjunction with experience and awareness to create a new platform for humanity.
    He is also a speaker and a writer, an art critic and photographer who loves travelling.


    He has a vision to create a new ecosystem where individual development and collective conscious evolution are bound spiritually and materially for the wellness of all sentient things in the universe.


    Goals and Dreams
    His main focus at this point is to create high level
    cultural awareness by blending of New Technology and Natural Spontaneity (Wu-Wei) with Aesthetics (Art, Music, Poetry, Architecture) for the evolution of consciousness here on this planet. 
    Nature's ways are always sustainable whether we know it or not, the effort on our part will be to align ourselves (our vibrations) with the cosmic frequencies that emanate from the point of singularity in the Void or the Hiranyagarbha.
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